Tuesday, February 24, 2009

British Things That Make You Go Hmmm #2

I am still having problems with my internet stick but have a dial-up like capability until I can get into the city centre to visit the T-mobile shop and get my stick fixed.

Today I went to a local take-away to get some fresh bread for my lunch of canned soup and was given the bread wrapped in tin foil and placed in a plastic shopping bag also known here in the UK as a carrier bag. I now there is nothing special in what I have just wrote. The thing that made me go hmmm is displayed here in this photo.

The logo on that bag is very familiar to me yet it is probably not known by 98% of the people living in this country. This is a shopping bag from a Belgian supermarket named Delhaize that I used to shop at while I lived in Luxembourg. So how did the plastic shopping bags from a Belgian supermarket chain end up in my local take-away????!!!

First off I should mention that they had a whole bunch of them. The local take-away has obviously bought them in bulk from some supplier. I have likewise seen shopping bags from French supermarket chains such as Cora and Auchan in the past year or so in Birmingham.

It makes me wonder why? Either a supplier is stuck with a whole lot of extra bags that were produced for these shops yet were not bought or the stores themselves purchased too many and are trying to offload them here in the UK (and probably other places).

This particularly makes sense when you know that Auchan and Delhaize charge 2 to 3 Euro cent for the bags in their shops while they remain free from major supermarkets here in the UK. Is it that far fetched to think that most people are no longer buying the bags in these European supermarkets and they decided they can still make money off them by selling them in bulk here in the UK?

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