Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calm between the 2 'storms'...

Certain areas of the UK are having major issues. They are not really accustomed to that much snow in most parts of England so when they get the smallest amount of say 3" or 10cm they lose their marbles. It is a similar problem to what southern states in America have to deal with. Every once in a while they get hit with a snow storm and have no capabilities to remove the snow.

Here in Birmingham we received about 3" of snow but in some other areas of the southeast they got up to about 18". Imagine that with no plows or the proper rock salt to aid in dissolving the iced sidewalks. I saw on the news they said that they emergency services have received a 40% increase in 999 calls. Apparently many an old person is walking to the corner store to buy some milk and a newspaper and slipping in the sidewalks and breaking various bones.

Even though it was snowing all day Monday the kids had school but then the Birmingham City Council took the unusual step of issuing a blanket closure for all city schools for Tuesday. And then we had no snow at all... To be fair to them the sidewalks were very dangerous though.

Apparently we are supposed to get another storm tomorrow and then again on Friday. It will be interesting to see how they handle it. A lot of parents are upset that the schools were closed because they had to stay home from work. The news said 1 in 5 workers stayed home....

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