Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Visit day at B'ham Uni

This morning I had an appointment at Birmingham University's School of Education for one of their many 'visit days'.

Overall it was a waste of time with the exception of actually being able to meet the head of the program I am very interested in and the head admissions guy for the School of Education and put a face to the emails. These two individuals were a tremendous source of guidance and insight and I really look forward to hopefully working with the head of the program starting in the next academic school year.

The reason why I found it a waste of time other than them though is that the majority of people at this 'visit day' were all teenagers and the table of events was obviously more geared towards their needs. I am what is called a 'mature student' here in the UK and I am not in need of looking for the on-campus dorm that is closest to the local watering hole and the like. So while I did take a quick tour of some of the beautiful university grounds I still ended up waiting almost 3 hours to speak with the head of the program.

Indeed it was worth it in the end though, as she outlined what I needed to do to be accepted into her program. As all of my qualifications are American based and I have not been in school since people were doing the Macarena she requested some supplemental work from myself to assist her in making a sound judgement on my application.

Fair enough. She asked for 1500 words on 'Why Education is Important."

Quite the broad subject title, yes, I know.

Perhaps tomorrow I will outline the differences between a UK and American degree program.

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